VIDEO: How Do Property Managers Find Reliable Contractors?

Ever wondered how property managers find reliable contractors? A big part of what property managers do for homeowners is fixing stuff, so how do property managers find reliable contractors. Well, it’s very important for us to insure that qualified contractors are hired. At any good property management firm, who is responsible for hiring the contractor, […]

INFOGRAPHIC: Rent-or-Buy Home Guide for Northern Virginia

The Rent-or-Buy Home Guide for Northern Virginia Property Managers

Looking for a quick rent-or-buy home guide for Northern Virginia property managers? Northern Virginia property management firms like WJD Management are in a unique position, in that we see both sides of the big (and very individual) “rent-or-buy” home question here in our local real estate market. And we know the best tenant is one who’s made the choice to rent a home over buying, because it fits with both their financial situation and their lifestyle preferences. The main lifestyle reasons for renting?  Flexibility, convenience, location, and sometimes access to shared community amenities that would not otherwise be affordable. We had this simple infographic prepared to try to answer the big “Should I rent or buy home” question.

rent or buy home

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VIDEO: How to Maximize Tax Deductions

There are many ways that Property Managers Help at Tax Time! Wondering how to maximize tax deductions? Most landlords know that expenses related to leasing their property are tax-deductible. Yet most don’t do the recordkeeping that would allow them to maximize their deductions. Therefore, the tax benefits of working with a professional property manager can be […]

VIDEO: How to Avoid Tenant Damage

Do you need help with how to avoid tenant damage? Wondering how to avoid tenant damage? If you’re thinking of renting out your home, you probably have a bunch of concerns. In our experience, one of the biggest worries our Northern Virginia property management clients have is this one: “How do we make sure the tenants […]