Non-Managed Leasing Service

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Leasing Program

Are you looking for dedicated leasing service? Not ready for comprehensive property management services? If you are a homeowner that is in a position to handle the majority of the property management responsibilities for your rental property, with the exception of locating a tenant, we can help! WJD Management offers Non-Managed Leasing Service. If you are a homeowners who only needs help finding a tenant, we encourage you to take advantage of this new professional program. You will receive the same aggressive marketing effort as well as the same thorough tenant qualification process that our property management clients enjoy, just without the property management aspect. Below you will find an overview of what is included in our Non-Managed Leasing Service program.

Setting The Price
We perform a detailed rental market analysis of your home including neighborhood actors and current market conditions and use this information to determine the most competitive price.

Finding A Tenant
Your home is aggressively marketed through Bright MLS, yard signs and a variety of websites. We also network with agents from other firms who specialize in working with renters as well as local corporate relocation contacts who assist individuals moving into our area.

Rental Agents
We have our own staff of leasing agents, skilled professionals who specialize in showing rental property, are good at evaluating tenants’ needs, stay informed of all Fair Housing codes and will present your property in its best light.

Qualifying The Tenant
Our strict requirements and careful evaluation of prospective tenants have led to an enviable eviction rate far below the average for our area. We verify prospective tenants’ employment (salary, position, length of time on the job, probability of continuing) and contact their landlords for references.

Lease Preparation
We use the standard Northern Virginia Association of Realtors® Deed of Lease which contains many provisions designed to protect your investment.

Property Condition Report
We provide you with a 12-page report which you can use to describe the interior and exterior of your home. The report states that everything is in good condition; tenants are provided with this report at move-in so they can perform their own walk-through inspection and note anything to the contrary. They must sign and return the document to you so in this manner, you will have a detailed report to use for comparison at lease end.

Tenant Handbook
All tenants are given a copy of our Tenant Handbook© which outlines both tenant and landlord obligations as per the lease. It includes such topics as care of the home, emergency procedures and move-out requirements for when they vacate.

Sign up here, and we’ll email you a free custom assessment of the current rental value of your home performed by WJD’s Principal Broker, David Norod. David, a licensed Realtor and Broker, has more than 30 years of experience in the Northern Virginia real estate market.

The WJD Difference

WJD Management is the best choice for property management in Northern Virginia because we are the only property management company that specializes exclusively in residential property management. We are the only licensed real estate brokerage in our area that does not have a real estate sales arm. Moreover, because we do not engage in real estate sales, 100 percent of our company’s resources are dedicated to managing the homes in our inventory. It is no secret that the other property management firms in our area typically invest minimal resources for their property managers because they believe the real money is in selling real estate as opposed to managing it. But when sales slump, these firms look to their property management activity to keep their doors open.