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Northern Virginia Homeowners becoming landlord as trend in real estate market change.

With the kids leaving the nest for college, moving out of state or getting married and starting families of their own, it’s time to downsize from that big empty house in Sterling into a smaller single family home or condo.

This means you have a lot of choices and decisions to make. Do you go with another home in a similar residential part of Sterling, or do you go with a condo closer to family, friends or favorite hot spots around Northern Virginia.

The Pros and Cons of Selling your Home in Sterling

Once you’ve made up your mind, and found the right spot or new home, you’ll also have to decide whether to sell or rent your old home. The pro to selling your home is reducing your liability to maintain it. The con is the changing trend in the real estate market in the past year that makes it difficult to sell it.

The seller’s market now favors buyers. Which is great for you when you’re ready to put a lowball offer on the table for your new home. But this isn’t so hot for selling the old one. In fact if you do decide to sell, you’ll need a whole lot of patience while your home sits on the market indefinitely. Many potential sellers who went this route ended up taking their home off the market, because they couldn’t wait patiently for the right price point to come along.

The Alternative to Selling in Sterling

By becoming a landlord, sellers like you have transformed to their old homes into houses that provide income as rental properties. This gives them and their check books some much needed breathing room. This option can also help you make the move you’re ready to take, without the worry or stress of waiting for the market to shift gears to suit your needs.

Once you’ve made the choice to rent, you have one more decision to make. Do you maintain your old home yourself, or hire a professional. By going with a company that has expertise in maintaining rental properties, you can leave all the tedious work in the hands of a team that knows what they’re doing, which leaves you focused on that move to a new home and a new page in your life.

WJD and the Sterling Rental Market

With over 20 years of experience as a property management firm, WJD has proven itself as one of the best rental companies Sterling as well as the rest of Northern Virginia and the D.C. market.

We take pride in our reputation as a professional team that has built three decades of solid relations with private landlords and professional investor. What makes us a premier management firm is our expertise with the current and ever changing real estate market in the region. Take advantage of our free rental market analysis today!