Our Service Area

WJD manages properties in many Northern Virginia locations. Let us show you around.

Maybe you’re looking at properties in WJD’s current listings and want to know more about a neighborhood—or you need a property manager and want to know if we cover your location. Our custom service area map has the answer.

So take a look around! We’ve added useful links to our neighborhood and city markers so you can easily get information and answers about the areas in which we manage homes. You can also use Google’s “Search Nearby” feature to find city services, schools, restaurants, entertainment—anything you like. Use the directions below the map if you need help.

You Are Here

The map is organized into cities (orange markers) and WJD property management areas (stars). On the map slider, neighborhoods are listed under the city/zip code in which they are located (e.g., Potomac Hills in McLean).

To navigate, use the slider and the +/- controls on the bottom right, or just zoom in and click on a marker.


  1. Moving your cursor over an item on the list highlights it on the map. Clicking triggers a pop-up with the location and a link to more information. Links open in a new tab or window.
  2. To use the “Search Nearby” feature, click a marker. Click the arrow (see example) to open a Google map in a new tab. Clicking the marker in the new window opens a popup with a “Search Nearby” link. Enter your search terms (“pizza,” “middle schools,” etc.) and click or hit Enter. The map will update with your search results.