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WJD Celebrates 20 Years of Residential Property Management in Northern Virginia

August 15th, 2017 by
wjd celebrates 20 years of residential property management northern virginia

They say that we are what we repeatedly do and when it comes to excellence, it is not an occasional circumstance with WJD Management, but a habit. We have continually provided excellent property management services in the Northern Virginia area for the past 20 years and this year marks a… Read More

WJD Management Wins Fairfax Small Business Excellence Award

July 27th, 2017 by
fairfax small business award 2017 wjd management

In January, WJD Management was again honored to be selected as a recipient (in the local services category) of the 2017 Fairfax Small Business Excellent award for 2017. The Fairfax Small Business Excellence Award Program vets area businesses through a combination of their own independent consumer research and a variety… Read More

Flat-Rate Property Management in Northern Virginia: The Pros & Cons

July 12th, 2017 by
Flat-rate property management in Northern Virginia: Is it worth it?

So you’re going to be out of town for the next few years, and you’ve decided that instead of selling your Northern Virginia home, you’d like to put it on the market for rent. You’ve already decided that professional property management is a strategic cost in which you’re willing to… Read More

Alexandria Property Management 101

June 25th, 2017 by
alexandria virginia property management checklist

A Primer for Relocating Alexandria Homeowners Alexandria is always a sought-after location for rental properties —though it’s a sprawling area that encompasses both inside-the-Beltway territory and commuter neighborhoods further afield. For most Alexandria properties–whether condos, townhouses, or single family homes–it’s not hard to attract metro-area tenants  But  the majority of… Read More

Tenants: 18 Ways to Get Your Security Deposit Back

May 11th, 2017 by
18 ways to get your deposit back

When everything is ready and a tenant can get 100 percent of that deposit back, it’s a big win for everyone. We want to see every tenant get their full security deposit back–and it’s important to note that WJD has no financial incentive to withhold any part of tenants’ deposit money…. Read More

Home Warranty for Rental Property? Save Your Money…

April 27th, 2017 by
should you get a home warranty for your rental property

As an owner of multiple rental properties, I used to think having a home warranty for rental property was a great idea. Managing over 400 properties for Northern Virginia landlords, though, has taught me a different lesson. Keep that cash in your pocket–here’s why that “good idea” is a waste… Read More

Arlington Property Management: A Checklist for Homeowners

April 1st, 2017 by
arlington virginia property management checklist

Here’s Our Checklist for Relocating Arlington Homeowners Arlington is a hot area for rental properties–and in most cases it’s easy to attract applicants eager to rent inside the Beltway. But many Arlington homeowners wonder whether they could do more to attract the best tenants in the region. After being asked… Read More

VIDEO: How do Property Managers Get Good Contractors?

March 25th, 2017 by

A big part of what property managers do for homeowners is fixing stuff. Therefore, it’s very important for us to insure that qualified contractors are hired. Who is responsible for hiring the contractor, and what’s the process for doing it? Check out this video from our Northern Virginia Landlords 101 series… Read More

VIDEO: How Property Managers Help at Tax Time

March 18th, 2017 by

Most landlords know that expenses related to leasing their property are tax-deductible. Yet most don’t do the recordkeeping that would allow them to maximize their deductions. Therefore, the tax benefits of working with a professional property manager can be substantial. Not only is the property manager’s fee tax-deductible–but an important… Read More

VIDEO: Here’s How to Avoid Tenant Damage

March 11th, 2017 by

If you’re thinking of renting out your home, you probably have a bunch of concerns. In our experience, one of the biggest worries our Northern Virginia property management clients have is this one: “How do we make sure the tenants don’t destroy our place?” Check out this video from our Northern Virginia… Read More