What We Do

what we do wjd residential property management fairfax va

Northern Virginia is one of the best places in the U.S. to own rental property. WJD Management has provided Northern Virginia property management and residential leasing services since 1985. Professional property management in Northern Virginia is our ONLY business. With over 35 years’ experience, we are the Northern Virginia Property Management and Residential Leasing specialists!

A Full Spectrum of Northern Virginia Property Management Services

From tenant placement and rent collection to maintenance and repairs, the WJD Management team makes life easier for you. Our personal approach to doing business allows us to be innovative and flexible in dealing with our clients’ needs. Whether you have been managing rental property yourself or are considering a new property management company in Northern Virginia, we make it easy and convenient to engage our services.

Extensive Experience in Northern Virginia Property Management

We have approximately 400 residences in our Northern Virginia Property Management inventory and service the entire area from our location in the Old Town section of Fairfax, VA. We also specialize in service for Foreign Service Officials, Government and Military personnel.

We Specialize in Residential Property Management

WJD Management is the best choice for property management in Northern Virginia because we are the only property management company that specializes exclusively in residential property management. We are the only licensed real estate brokerage in our area that does not have a real estate sales arm. What that means is that property management is all we do–we do not accept homes into our managed inventory with the hope of generating a future sale. When we need to find a tenant for one of our homes, the property is listed by our own Principal Broker. We do not farm the listing out to as real estate agent – who may be completely unfamiliar with your home – as many of the property managers with the larger “branded” companies in our area do. Moreover, because we do not engage in real estate sales, 100 percent of our company’s resources are dedicated to managing the homes in our inventory. It is no secret that the other property management firms in our area typically invest minimal resources for their property managers because they believe the real money is in selling real estate as opposed to managing it. But when sales slump, these firms look to their property management activity to keep their doors open.

State of the Art Departmental Structure

WJD Management does not use the typical portfolio management style. With a portfolio property management company, the homeowner is assigned a “property manager.” This individual may also be assigned to as many as 200 other homeowners. The property manager is mostly responsible for maintenance. This means that he or she is probably not involved in the marketing activity when a tenant must be found and must rely on others to answer such questions as “Why hasn’t my home been rented yet?!” In addition, this means that he or she may have to rely on someone else to address legal issues. At WJD, our departmental structure includes experts within each of the five modules that the best residential property management companies should consist of. These modules are marketing, leasing, maintenance, inspections and accounting, and in the best-case scenario, they are all “under one roof.” WJD Management has a Principal Broker with over 30 years’ experience in determining rental values and listing area homes for rent. We have Leasing Managers who thoroughly vet all prospective tenants before we hand them the keys to your home and who are intimately familiar with each of the many covenants of our lease. We have Maintenance Managers with many years of experience who work with licensed, bonded and insured contractors as opposed to “handymen”. We have Property Inspectors who faithfully take an in-depth look at your home every six months. And we have a Comptroller with an MBA who is also a certified tax consultant. Tying it all together is our exclusive, proprietary software which shares the information from each module with every member of the WJD team. So no matter what your question or concern may be, it can be addressed by practically any staff member or if necessary, immediately referred to the appropriate modular expert.

For more information on our Northern Virginia Property Management and Residential Leasing Services, we encourage you to browse our site or contact us.

David Norod
Principal Broker