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WJD Management Celebrates 36 Years Supporting Foreign Service Officers and their Residential Property Management needs

WJD Management is proud to announce 36 years supporting Foreign Service Officers (FSOs) and their residential property management needs. WJD’s commitment to the Foreign Service Community is exemplified by their nearly 70 percent FSO clientele. WJD is honored to reflect upon their excellent reputation in the Foreign Service Community marked by years of commitment and service in residential property management. Read our recent news release.

WJD celebrates 36 years supporting Foreign Service Officers

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WJD Supports Foreign Service Homeowners

Your First Month’s Management Fee is On Us!

If you are a Foreign Service Homeowner interested in hiring the best professional property management company in Northern Virginia for Foreign Service Officers, WJD Management is the premiere choice. We have been proudly been serving the Foreign Service Community for over 35 years and nearly 70 percent of our clientele are Foreign Service Officers. We have an excellent reputation in the FSO community marked by years of commitment and service in property management. We understand that when a Foreign Service Officer has to relocate overseas, they often need to locate a property management firm quickly and our agency is designed to respond immediately. In our experience, Foreign Service homeowners need a firm that specializes in residential property management and has the infrastructure in place to manage multiple properties at a high level, while still staying connected to the local community. At WJD we maintain a core mission centered on being the only local firm that does not have a real estate sales arm. In our opinion, the most important question that a Foreign Service Officer should consider when hiring a firm is whether the real expertise and focus of a given property management firm is on management or on sales. The answer to this question is usually a pretty precise indicator of the quality of the service you will receive.

By definition, people in the Foreign Service do not live here so if they have made the decision to hire professional property management, they want to hire the best. There really is not a lot of difference between a Foreign Service homeowner and any other absentee homeowner, but there are definitely some very different considerations in terms of expectations, with communication being paramount. WJD Management uses proprietary software giving our owners a web-based owner portal. Further, WJD submits rental proceeds to FSO clients electronically rather than printing a check, mailing it to an overseas postbox and hoping that it gets there. Email and a state-of-the-art web portal provides instant and ongoing communication with Foreign Service Officers who wants to know what is going on with their property.

What sets WJD Management apart from everyone else (aside from the fact that we do not have a real estate arm) is our experience. We are proud of our integral role in chartering the local NARPM chapter in Northern Virginia and work hard to stay active in our industry and local community. We are also committed to supporting local causes such as Brain Injury Services, The McKendall Foundation, and more. We are an industry leader in residential property management and in fact, WJD has been featured in several publications over the years. Read more about our expert insight at WJD in the News.

What Owners Like You Say About Us

“I am an absentee owner living in Minnesota. I had to return to Minnesota ten years ago to stay with my mother now almost 103, and still doing well! So I have entrusted my Arlington condo townhouse to WJD for property management for over ten years now. I value my Arlington condo very much and wanted to make sure it is physically well maintained. I also wanted tenants of the highest caliber to stay in my condo for as long a rental tenure as possible. And I wanted a property manager who fulfills the inspection function fully and reports to me immediately any condition changes. And finally I wanted a responsive property manager who takes immediate action to remedy any situation upon receiving my request for action, or acting quickly on my proposal to remedy a property or rental issue. For all these conditions I have found WJD a property management agency nonpareil in fulfilling its stewardship responsibilities to me in all the areas I have mentioned. I wholeheartedly recommend WJD as my first choice for a property manager for any Arlington or Fairfax absentee residential property owner.”

WJD Management Celebrates 36 Years Supporting Foreign Service Officers and their Residential Property Management needs

WJD Management Celebrates 36 Years Supporting Foreign Service Officers

We here at WJD Management are excited to share our big news!…
wjd management Has proudly supported the foreign service journal for 20 + Years

Foreign Service Homeowner Discount

WJD Management would like to thank our Foreign Service officials by offering one free month of property management services when a new property management agreement is signed. We understand the sacrifices and difficulties of working overseas and that you spend a lot of your career and life with personal belongings in boxes, learning the nuances of a new country, and meeting all new co-workers every few years. Let us thank you by taking good care of your property. To learn more, consider a free no obligation custom assessment of the current rental value of your home.

To learn more about WJD Management visit our “About Us” page and learn how we keep homeowners connected by visiting our “WJD Homeowners” page.

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