Meet the Team

David Norod
Principal Broker
703.385.3600 x103

David determines the rental value of the homes in WJD’s inventory and markets them whenever we must find tenants. He has been a licensed Realtor since 1986 and a licensed real estate Broker since 1996.

Maryann Welsh
Director of Operations
703.385.3600 x101

Having worked together with David for more than two decades, Maryann is responsible for the administration of WJD’s property management and leasing program. Any questions you may have about how we do what we do should be directed to her.

Gina Genovese Talotta
703.385.3600 x104

Gina has an MBA from Avila University and is also a certified tax consultant for H&R Block. She posts all the rents, pays all the bills and can answer any questions you may have about rents collected, your monthly statement, payments we make for you and the like.

Dila Saadi
Leasing Manager
703.385.3600 x106

Dila has joined us in pursuit of her interest in the business of residential property management and leasing. As the owner of several rental properties and the wife of a general contractor, she is well-versed in property management in general and in particular the various demands of keeping rental homes rented. She processes all rental applications and negotiates all leases and lease extensions for you.

Randy Woods
Maintenance Manager and Leasing Specialist
703.385.3600 x110

Randy has been a licensed Realtor for the past 10 years, and has also worked as a property manager for another local firm. Previously, she was co-owner of a small, private defense company for more than 27 years. She coordinates tenant maintenance requests and also shows prospective tenants the homes we currently have available for rent.

Casey McKlveen
Maintenance Manager
703.385.3600 x200

Casey came to us after having been a property manager for another local firm as well as a staffing processor for a property preservation company. She has a great deal of experience with customer service and is our primary maintenance manager. She also assists tenants with parking and pool passes and various other HOA/condo association requirements and services.

Henry Kurosaka
Property Inspector
703.385.3600 x105

Henry joined our management team after retiring from the Hecht Company at Tysons Corner where he enjoyed a long and varied career in retail sales. He is out in the field daily and is our “eyes and ears” keeping us apprised of numerous issues pertaining to the administration of our management program. He faithfully inspects each home in our inventory every six months.

Stephen Jacobs
Maintenance Manager
703.385.3600 x102

Steve came to us after retiring from a 25-year career in art retail and installation services in the McLean area. He is one of our maintenance managers and is also responsible for many of the behind-the-scenes office duties necessary to keep our property management program running smoothly. His is the “voice on the phone” you will most likely hear when you call our office during normal business hours. You will find that he can quickly and efficiently route you to the person best suited to answer whatever question you may have.

James (JT) Harrar
Administrative Assistant
703.385.3600 x108

Our newest staff member, JT, attends George Mason University as an Accounting major, and works several hours a day at WJD as well. In addition to being our other “voice on the phone” when you call, he assists with a wide variety of tasks, including leasing, maintenance and repairs, property inspections, accounting, data entry, document scanning and more.

Maureen Hannan
Digital Marketing Director

Maureen Hannan brings seven years of experience as a web content specialist, magazine editor, and social media manager to WJD. She holds a master’s degree in English; and prior to entering the world of print and digital media, she spent many years as a teacher in high school and community college classrooms, as well as adult education programs. She manages WJD’s email, blog, and social media outreach.