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*For best results we suggest using Google Chrome when submitting a Maintenance Request.

Welcome to the WJD maintenance request form. Our form is simple and easy to use. Simply fill out the request form below and our maintenance staff will handle your request.

Please keep in mind that many repairs require homeowner authorization, which WJD must obtain before qualifying vendors are able to proceed with repairs. Additionally, many of our homeowners are out of state or out of country, often with limited internet access, and in some instances this can delay repairs. While WJD makes every effort to accommodate each and every request we receive, occasionally there are delays in the approval process.

Emergency Procedures: An emergency is specifically defined as flooding, no heat during the winter season, a gas leak, fire or an issue that needs to be addressed immediately to avoid damage to the property or to your personal well-being. Air conditioning failure, appliance malfunction, drain stoppage and the like while inconvenient are not considered emergencies and will be handled by our office on the next business day. If you experience an emergency situation, please refer your tenant handbook for more details on standard protocols. If before or after business hours, please do NOT submit a request from this page! Instead, please call our office and leave a message in the Emergency Mail Box (Option #4).

Please note: Tenants are responsible for the following routine maintenance items:

a. Replacement of light bulbs and electrical fuses if applicable

b. Cleaning or replacement of furnace filters regularly

c. Regular lawn maintenance if applicable

d. Replacement of batteries in smoke detectors, thermostats and garage door openers as needed

e. Pest control

g. Using reasonable efforts to prevent the accumulation of moisture and the growth of mold


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