WJD Is An Industry-Leading Expert Committed to Professional Market Contributions!

WJD Is An Industry-Leading Expert Committed to Professional Market Contributions2019

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WJD is an industry-leading expert committed to professional market contributions! We are proud of our integral role in chartering the local NARPM chapter in Northern Virginia and work hard to stay active in our industry and local community. As an industry leader in residential property management, WJD has been featured in several publications over the years.

Financial Wins for Renters and Buyers: The Experts Speak

What a Property Manager Does in Real Estate— 5 ways they help landlords stay on the right side of the law





Why Millennials Are Choosing to Rent





Published in Inman News: 6 Reasons Your Investor Clients Don’t Need a Home Warranty

Rental property owners often believe that having a home warranty for their rental properties is a smart idea, but that seemingly commonsensical notion is a waste of time and money. Real estate agents should never encourage their investor clients to purchase a home warranty — and here’s why. Read more…

WJD Management wins the 2017 Fairfax Small Business Excellence Award

The Fairfax Small Business Excellence selection group has chosen WJD Management for the 2017 Fairfax Small Business Excellence Award in the Local Services category. The Fairfax Small Business Excellence Awards rewards outstanding small businesses that serve their local area. Each year, our selection committee selects companies that we believe have achieved outstanding marketing success in their business category. These are small businesses that enhance the positive image of small businesses through service to their customers and community. Read more

Published by NOVA NARPM: How Foreign Service Officers Can Find The Best Residential Property Management Company In Northern Virginia

To help provide Foreign Services Officers with the information they need and as part of NOVA NARPM’s informational spotlight series, we recently interviewed David Norod of WJD Management in Fairfax Virginia to help Northern Virginia Foreign Service Officers become better educated about how to find a qualified, professional property management company. Read more

Published in Inman News: What a property manager does in real estate

“What exactly does a property manager do?” It’s a question I’m often asked by homeowners who are considering becoming landlords — especially at times when home sales are slow. In fact, I’m guessing that at some point one of your clients who is weighing selling versus leasing has asked you what a property manager does. Read more

Published in Inman News: How can landlords prevent early lease termination?

“My tenants want out of their lease early.” It’s one of the biggest “fear factors” for new landlords — and yet, I’ve found, it’s a problem with a simple solution. Even though a lease is a legally binding financial commitment on the part of the tenant, leases are not always enforced e

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