Resident Benefits Package

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About Our Resident Benefits Package

What is a Resident Benefits Package? Typically, a Resident Benefit Package (RBP) is an additional charge to a tenant (as much as $40 monthly) that is included with a new lease which provides residents with added services. These services vary from company to company, but they can include such things as a 24-hour emergency maintenance hotline, an online tenant portal, multiple rental payment options, home buying assistance and other items meant to improve residents’ quality of life.

At WJD, we believe that providing our tenants with exceptional service and optimal benefits throughout their tenancy is a top priority. But unlike our competitors, our RBP is yours to take advantage of FREE OF CHARGE.

The WJD Resident Benefits Package

  • Multiple Payment Options

    Our residents can make their rental payments either though the portal on our website or via ACH subscription with our bank. Both options provide the means to automate their monthly payments.

  • Credit Reporting

    Build your credit every time you pay rent using our “Make A Payment” portal! Only positive, on-time payments are reported so your score will only increase!

  • Vetted Vendors

    We hold our vendors to a high standard. We expect them to show up in their scheduled time frame, complete quality work and act in a professional manner.

  • Renter’s Insurance

    We have partnered with State Farm to offer you comprehensive insurance at a discounted rate.

  • Utility Concierge

    Utility Concierge. Citizen Home Solutions connect what you need. Citizen Home Solutions can setup everything in just one phone call without you having to deal with long wait times and automated systems including Electricity, Internet, Water, Movers, Satellite, Phone, Insurance, Pool, Cable, Security, Gas and Maid.

  • Lockbox Move In

    If a resident is unable to schedule the move-in appointment during business hours, we can provide you with the keys via a lockbox. The lockbox option is only available when all move-in funds have been paid in full.

  • Regular Lease Renewals

    We make sure all our resident’s leases stay current and up to date. Many management companies allow their leases to automatically go month to month, but we prefer to provide our residents with the security and peace of mind of yearly leases.

  • Landlord Reference or Rental Verification for Mortgage

    We will complete up to 3 landlord references or rental verification for mortgage with the appropriate authorization from the resident.

  • Home Buying Assistance

    Our real estate partner MMK Realty is available to assist you with upgrading, downsizing, purchasing new investment properties and much more.

  • Monthly HVAC Filter Delivery

    We have partnered with Second Nature to provide furnace filters on a subscription basis. Clean filters lower energy costs, prolong the life of the HVAC unit and reduce maintenance issues. Dirty and clogged filters often lead to damaged blower motors causing residents to go without heat or air conditioning. HVAC units seem to break at the worst time, and most parts need to be ordered and shipped. Monthly filter replacement goes a long way to help prevent the inconvenience and discomfort of a few days to two weeks of no air conditioning in the summer or heat in the winter.

  • Resident Rewards Program

    Simply by sending us feedback about WJD Management (during our designated contest period), you’ll be entered in our semi-annual contest to receive one month’s rent for FREE! *Be sure to give us a good email address!

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What Tenants Say About WJD

“I have now been a WJDM tenant for five years.  It has been a pleasure to work with the team.  I truly have not had a single bad experience  during those 5 years. When it comes to submitting a work order, WJDM is always prompt to respond and make sure we have what we need. Any rare issues involving payments being processed late are met with politeness and understanding.  I’ve been very fortunate to work with WJDM and I always recommend them to my friends and coworkers.  Thanks for your great customer service and friendliness.”

“I like that WJD is prompt at receiving calls. They always call back too. They are able to handle mentainance issues on a timely manner. They always notify in advance if a any work has to be done in communial ground so that way everyone is prepared. Thank you WJD.”

“Management is always quick to address any issues. I I especially like the repairman and the inspector! They are extremely friendly and professional. We are very happy after relocating here from Oklahoma three years ago. The home makes all the difference and it helps to know our home is well taken care of by WJD!”

“We’ve been with WJD for just over 5 months but have had to submit a few work orders and WJD is always extremely timely in getting requests fulfilled and prompt in contacting us. We’ve rented through 2 other agencies at past residences and WJD is hands down the best of the 3 in regards to customer service, responsiveness, and sending out updates to tenants.”

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