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Welcome WJD homeowners! We are always striving to improve our services for you and have created this section of our website for your exclusive use. If you would like to access your account simply click here or on the button or link below. From this secure page you can view or print your private information for any range of dates that you select. You may also view all bills and interim property inspections by date range. You may also refer a friend for a discount on your next leasing fee, update your contact information, or send an electronic payment. Additionally, you may wish to explore our home watch services. As always it is a pleasure to serve you and we genuinely appreciate your continued confidence in us.

– The WJD Staff

The WJD Difference

WJD Management is the best choice for property management in Northern Virginia because we are the only property management company that specializes exclusively in residential property management. We are the only licensed real estate brokerage in our area that does not have a real estate sales arm. Moreover, because we do not engage in real estate sales, 100 percent of our company’s resources are dedicated to managing the homes in our inventory. It is no secret that the other property management firms in our area typically invest minimal resources for their property managers because they believe the real money is in selling real estate as opposed to managing it. But when sales slump, these firms look to their property management activity to keep their doors open.

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