WJD Fee Schedule

wjd fee schedule

Experience The WJD Difference

The WJD Fee Schedule is the most competitive property management fee schedule in Northern Virginia. Our WJD Fee Schedule is fair and transparent and we only charge our homeowner’s three (3) fees and we do not charge many of the fees that our competitors charge such as a management fee during vacancy between tenants, insurance claim coordination fee, a rekey fee between tenant and more. Experience the WJD difference today!

We have only three (3) fees which we charge our homeowners.

  1. A monthly management fee when a tenant is in residence.
  2. A leasing fee when a tenant must be found.
  3. An existing lease extension fee, prorated to the exact number of months.

Listed below are fees that some of our competitors charge.

  • A utility management fee.
  • A rekey fee between tenants.
  • A smoke detector inspection fee.
  • An additional inspection fee for more than one annual inspection.
  • A fee for obtaining multiple bids for maintenance and repairs.
  • A mark-up of vendor’s invoice, overage going to PM company.
  • A fee for coordinating major maintenance work.
  • A fee for attending court on homeowner’s behalf.
  • Non-prorated lease extension fees.
  • Interest charged when funds are advanced to homeowners.
  • The cost of various marketing tools such as virtual tours.

Leasing Fee: Charged whenever we have to find a tenant, it is one month’s rent for a one-year lease; for leases in excess of one year add 25% of one month’s rent for each additional year or portion thereof.

NOTE: We must pay a sizable portion of this fee to the agent who shows your property and brings us a rental applicant that you accept. If you have the ability to show the home to prospective renters from within your circle of friends and colleagues, we encourage you to do so. Simply refer any interested parties to WJD and we will process them in the same manner as if a leasing agent brought them to us. Your account will only be charged a $500 administrative fee for this service.

Lease Extension Fee: Charged whenever a lease is extended beyond its initial term, it is 25% of one month’s rent prorated to the exact term of the extension. If a lease is extended on a month-to-month basis there is a one-time $400 administrative fee for this service.

Management Fee: Charged whenever a tenancy is in effect, it is 8% of the monthly rental amount for houses and townhomes and 9% for condominiums. There is a $150 minimum monthly fee for condominiums, and a $250 minimum monthly fee if there is a Home Warranty in effect regardless of the type of property. We do not have maintenance surcharges, account set-up costs or any other hidden fees and we do offer a discount for multiple properties. A management fee is not charged whenever a tenancy is no longer in effect, however, when no tenancy is in effect for longer than 60 days, a monthly vacancy fee of $50 shall be charged.

Advertising Costs: The costs of listing your property in the Multiple Listing Service, uploading the listing to the WJD website and to various social media platforms, uploading the listing to ListHub.net which exports listings to over 900 real estate search websites, the cost of real estate sign post installations (where permitted) and the cost of virtual tours when possible are all included in your leasing fee.

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