Ever wondered how property managers find reliable contractors?

A big part of what property managers do for homeowners is fixing stuff, so how do property managers find reliable contractors. Well, it’s very important for us to insure that qualified contractors are hired. At any good property management firm, who is responsible for hiring the contractor, and what’s the process for doing it is critical? Check out this video from our Northern Virginia Landlords 101 series to learn our pointers.

When a new account comes in, the director of operations in a property management company decides, based on the property inspector’s report, whether anything in the house should be repaired–or whether nothing more than a cleaning is necessary. Once the initial issues have been squared away, the tenant can move in and rely on our maintenance processes for repairs that may be needed during their tenancy..

The most important quality that we look for when choosing contractors is reliability. We want them to be honest with us in their approach and what they recommend–not just out there trying to make repairs to make money. Our approach to property repairs and maintenance is to hire general contractors and assign a contractor to each property. This way, the same contractor goes out to each property for the lifetime of the account. The benefit of this approach is that the assigned contractor will become an expert on your property. Their understanding of the history and special issues of the home allows them to recommend the best repair at the right time.

The assigned contractor system has another benefit–they work in conjunction with the  property inspector to make sure all problems are noted throughout a tenancy. WJD hires contractors that give us an honest and objective opinion of what they feel is wrong with the property and to do the right job of repairing.

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