wjd celebrates 20 years of residential property management northern virginia

WJD Celebrates 20 Years of Residential Property Management in Northern Virginia

We are proud to announce that WJD celebrates 20 years of residential property management Northern Virginia this month! WJD Management is the best property management company in Northern Virginia and we have the experience and credibility to back that up!

They say that we are what we repeatedly do and when it comes to excellence, it is not an occasional circumstance with WJD Management, but a habit. We have continually provided excellent property management services in the Northern Virginia area for the past 20 years and this year marks a pivotal and special moment in our history. On July 3rd we celebrated our 20th year in business and this milestone is particularly important because it exemplifies our stability as well as our steadfast effort toward providing our services to homeowners in need every year despite a fluctuating real estate market.

Northern Virginia is an ever-evolving and incredibly vibrant and transient area because people are always coming and going due to the concentration of military, government and tech firms in the region. In serving the Northern Virginia area, WJD has maintained a stellar reputation for outstanding, comprehensive property management services for absentee homeowners, especially Foreign Service and military homeowners stationed overseas. In fact, FS officers make up more than 65 percent of our client database.

Why Choose WJD Property Management

We are often asked what makes us unique. The answer is simple: we have remained true to our slogan that “managing rental property is our only business.” We focus 100 percent on residential property management and leasing and there are no other firms in the area that we are aware of who can say this. Why is this so important? Again, the answer is simple: because property management is a constant process of information management, decision making and action, and that is only the tip of the iceberg. Our competitors engage in real estate sales, which can easily be a distraction when a sale begins to go south. For example, there is a call from a buyer who is backing out of a $600,000 sale and another call from a tenant with a broken pipe that is leaking all over your new hardwood floors. Where do you think the focus is going to be?

Additionally, we offer clients peace of mind with our proprietary property management software that is unlike anything commercially available. Our system resides in the WJD office rather than on a third-party server somewhere, as is the case with all of the popular cloud-based software that our competitors use. Our clients rely on us for flawless record keeping for a long list of reasons, so we want them to know exactly where all of their records are kept.

New Services at WJD Property Management

WJD is in the process of rolling out our new non-managed “lease only” service for those homeowners who need help finding a tenant but do not need our comprehensive property management program. Those who decide to take advantage of this new professional program will receive the same aggressive marketing effort and thorough tenant qualification process that our property management clients enjoy. We are also in the process of partnering with a new affialiate firm MMK Realty, LLC which will offer real estate sales assistance to all who may need it.

If you would like to learn more about WJD Management, please visit www.wjdpm.com and review our comprehensive Management Program guide. If you are ready to rent your home, jump right in and take advantage of our exclusive FREE Rental Market Analysis. Also, be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest for tips, ideas and updates.