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For Realtors Who Hate Doing Rentals

This special article is for Realtors who hate doing rentals. Are you a realtor who hates doing rentals? “I don’t do rentals.” If you are you a realtor who hates doing rentals, we hear you. How many times have I heard a Realtor colleague tell me how much they’d like to make “I don’t do rentals” […]

How to Winterize Your Northern Virginia Rental Property

Winter’s chill is no joke, especially when it comes to rental properties in Northern Virginia. Knowing how to winterize a rental property is paramount. It’s important to seal up leaks that let warm air slip away, understand why gutters need clearing before snow hits, and see how a little TLC for your HVAC system now […]

What is a Residential Property Manager? A Complete Guide

Ever wonder what keeps the gears turning in residential real estate? That’s where a residential property manager steps into the spotlight. From navigating legal hoops to streamlining rent collection—property managers have a robust range of responsibilities. Residential Property Managers Think of a residential property manager as the captain of a ship, navigating through the rough […]

How Much Will My Northern Virginia Home Rent For

“How Much Will My Northern Virginia Home Rent For?” It’s a question I’m asked many times each week–and in reply, I prepare a complimentary rental market analysis. I offer this service as a courtesy to Northern Virginia landlords (as well as those trying to decide whether to become landlords) who are trying to determine how […]

Common maintenance problems with older Northern Virginia homes

Ever felt like your Northern Virginia rental home is just a storm away from springing a new leak? If you’ve nodded yes, then you’re no stranger to the most common maintenance problems with older Northern Virginia homes. Like that old tree in the yard that’s seen more seasons than we can count, these houses carry […]

Your Guide to Northern Virginia Property Management

Are you looking for an easy Property Management guide to help you understand what questions you should be asking a prospective Professional Property Manager? Well first, let’s review some of the reasons why you may be considering this in the first place. Perhaps you’re a homeowner who is moving out of state, but you plan […]

Foreign Service Homeowners Property Management Challenges & Benefits

Ever felt like you’re juggling too many balls at once? That’s what it can feel like being a Foreign Service homeowner, managing properties from afar. It’s no easy task, especially when tenant issues or maintenance problems pop up thousands of miles away. Imagine finding the perfect tenants while stationed in East Asia or tackling plumbing […]

Military Property Management: A Complete Guide

Military property management is a unique challenge, one that requires expertise and understanding. The responsibilities of service members often lead to frequent relocations, leaving them with properties they can’t personally manage. This is where professional military property management comes into play. These experts step in to handle everything from tenant screening to maintenance issues on […]